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ABC Amber Outlook Converter


With ABC Amber Outlook Converter you won't ever waste your time to organize your information!


ABC Amber Outlook Converter is intended to help you keep your important emails, newsletters, other important messages organized in one file. It is a useful tool that converts your emails from MS Outlook to any document format (PDF, DOC, HTML, CHM, RTF, HLP, TXT, DBF, CSV, XML, MDB, etc.) easily and quickly.


It generates the contents with bookmarks (in PDF, DOC, RTF and HTML), keeping hyperlinks.


All you have to do is select required messages, choose document the format to convert to and click "Save As" button. Also you can use this tool as MSG Converter.


Currently our software supports more than 50 languages. Press release


Partial Features List


  • reads MS Outlook folders, messages, contacts, tasks, notes, journal items and calendar events
  • exports selected messages (contacts, etc.) to a single file of any document format: PDF format (Adobe Acrobat doesn't need to be installed), RTF format (also doesn't require MS Word to be installed), hypertext HTML format, text format, DOC format (MS Word), popular CHM format, old good HLP format, DBF, MDB (MS Access), CSV, XML, XLS (MS Excel), and many more
  • conversion is based on plain text part or HTML part of the message
  • supports multiple encoding tables
  • easy to use and easy to set up. You can adjust fonts, colors, styles, effects of output file
  • imports messages from MS Outlook Express, Eudora, Pegasus, The Bat!, Becky, Pocomail/Barca, Agent, IncrediMail, T-online, Mozilla/Thunderbird, Opera, UNIX mailbox, Lotus Notes, EarthLink MailBox, imports messages from the folders with EML/NWS files directly into MS Outlook (can convert them into MSG as well)
  • supports column sorting (From, To, Subject and Date columns). It is important to sort messages if you wish to get a well-readable document
  • supports advanced PDF export options (document information, 40/128 bits PDF encryption, PDF security options, page size, page orientation and page margins, resolution mode, compression mode, viewer options)
  • generates contents with bookmarks (in RTF, DOC, PDF and HTML), maintains hyperlinks
  • supports multiple CHM and HLP export options
  • displays selected message, saves it to disk and prints it to printer
  • command line support, skin support
  • saves the message attachments to a disk
  • exports messages to TIFF and DCX (multipage)
  • exports messages to WAV and MP3 (requires MS Text-to-speech engine to be installed), speaks emails
  • imports msg files (MS Outlook does not need to be installed), extracts text and attachments
  • reads PST files (since 4.01)
  • really useful feature - HTML Forum Maker (since 4.14)
  • converts emails to HJT (TreePad) and KNT (KeyNote) (since 5.08)
  • Advanced CHM Maker (since 6.05), WebSite Creator (since 7.02)
  • NEW: embeds email attachments into the PDF document (since 7.01)
  • bonus: converts emails to LIT (MS Reader), RB (Rocket eBook), FB2 (FictionBook) and PDB (Palm) (since 6.09)
  • supports Extended MAPI (since 8.01)
  • NEW: converts MS Outlook emails, contacts, tasks, memos and calendar events to IPD (BlackBerry Backup) files (since 8.05)
  • and more

Since v3.10 the program is able to insert attachments into the final document (currently txt, rtf, htm, doc, xls attachments are supported).
Since v3.22 the program has the option to delete messages from MS Office Outlook after successful conversion.
Since v4.17 the program can export the emails with preservation of the categories.
Since v5.05 the program can convert Outlook mailboxes to Unix style mailboxes.




Q: I do not see the public folders appearing in the ABC Amber Converter window. How do I get the program to point to the public folders?


A: Select Tools - Options - General, select "load Public Folders" option, save changes and restart the program.


Q. How to convert eml files to msg files?


A. After you run the application:
  1. Select "Import" tab
  2. Click "Open a folder with EML/NWS Files" button
  3. Select the folder with your eml files
  4. Click OK button.


After that you will see all emails displayed in the list. Select the messages you want to convert and click "Convert to MSG" button.


Q: I need to convert msg files into something my PC can read. Could you give me a step by step instruction to convert just one email file from msg to say RTF format?


A. After you run Amber Outlook Converter:
  1. Select "MSG" tab
  2. Click "Open a folder with MSG Files" button
  3. Select the folder with your msg files
  4. Click OK button.


After that you will see all emails displayed in the list. Select the messages you want to convert and click "Save As" button.


Q: I have a Windows Outlook PERSONAL.PST file that has become orphaned. I would like to recover the messages from it in a text format. Is there a way to do this?


A. After you run Amber Outlook Converter:
  1. Click the PST tab
  2. Click "Open PST" button and select a PST file.
  3. Select Outlook folder.


After that you will see all emails displayed in the list. Select the messages you want to convert and click "Save As" button.


Q: I'm looking for a way to convert a VERY large (17 gig) Exchange folder with MANY subfolders and attachments to a similar directory structure (directories and sub-directories) on a local or shared drive. I'd like each message converted to its own .msg file with the attachments embedded.


A: Select Tools - MSG Creator.


Q: How can I convert many emails into separate PDF files in one process (batch process), as opposed converting one email at a time?


A: Select "one email - one document" option, select emails you want to convert and click Save As button.


Other tips


Download Demo Version


To download free 30-day demo version, click here (if you are a registered user, please don't use this link. Use only the link for registered users - see a registration email).


With the demo version of the program, you may test it free of charge for 30 days. If you want to continue to use it after the 30 days, you must register the program. The demo version lets you export only 10 messages a time. After purchasing the program we'll send you the fully functional and LATEST version (v10.09) with no restrictions.


How To Order


What our customers are saying:

  • "Thanks and keep up the GREAT work. Your product still is the only one of its kind and I have been using it since 2005. A very, very happy user."
  • "I absolutely love your software! It's just what I was looking for at a right price."
  • "I regularly use your program and find it very useful and well written. The new version looks very nice, too."
  • "Outstanding tool and service."
  • "The reason the program is attractive is that I have to convert large batches of email into more useable formats and doing them one at a time is no longer feasible time-wise."
  • "Just got the demo version of your product and early response is VERY positive."
  • "Converted OE to Outlook. A great program! Saved us untold hours. Thanks."
  • "Thanx for the Software. It's stunning."
  • "I'm enjoying your great work! Thanks for providing such a versatile tool at such a affordable price!"
  • "You already know this but your product rocks. I love it when you buy something that works. Keep up the good work."
  • "I noticed that you finally made an Outlook convertor that supports The Bat! I'm so happy with that, searched for it for years."
  • "Your product seems to perfectly fit my needs."
  • "Just this one feature would make the programme value for money and I can see that there are many other features available. I will certainly recommend your products to others."
  • "What a wonderful piece of software."
  • "Thanks for the product, it is priced well and works great."
  • "I have been using your software for a while now and am very pleased with it. Thank you."
  • "Your product appears to be precisely the tool I need for the job at hand. Good work!"
  • "I believe your program will be exactly what my state regulators want me to use for saving client e-mails that they can then read if desired."
  • "I just purchased Outlook Converter to convert my emails from Pegasus Mail to Outlook 2003. It worked very well - THANKS for creating an easy to use and accurate product!"
  • "I've only been using the program for 2 days, but it is very useful and far more convienient than using Outlook itself for many things. Great job."
  • "I just purchased your product and it looks like the perfect tool for the job I need."
  • "This program is worth its weight in gold! Very nice, no hassle features."
  • "I will continue to recommend this product to friends and business. I particularly like the addition of the filename including date, sender, time and subject."
  • "Produces a nicely formatted output of emails, tasks or other outlook items into indexed PDF's or HTML. The developer is very responsive and focused on improving an already excellent product."
  • "My testing of the product has been very satisfying. Easy to use and did more than I expected."
  • "The program excites me greatly and I'll be linking to your site so every one can get it too!"
  • "Thank you for the awesome software, I have been using Eudora since 1997 and have switched to Outlook out of necessity. This was a painless conversion from Eudora to Outlook especially since I was able to save all of my Eudora E-mails."
  • "This tool is amazing, so fast and easy. The company I work for offered us a tool to migrate all mails from Lotus Notes to Outlook, but it didn't work in my case (the helpdesk couldn't help me out either). So: thank you for the good service!"

  • "I just downloaded ABC Amber Outlook Converter and used it to export 241 messages with a total of 380 MB of attachments and it finished in just a few minutes. I'm very pleased with the performance and it seems much faster than previous versions. I will be using it some more to clean up some of my Outlook PST files (some of which are almost 2 GB) so may have some more info soon. Great work!"


"Utility that is most certainly worth the $19.95 being asked if you are an Outlook user." (Lockergnome)



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