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ABC Amber BlackBerry Converter


ABC Amber BlackBerry Converter is a very useful tool that converts emails, contacts, SMS messages, PIN messages, autotext entries, calendar events, phone hotlist entries, memos, phone call logs, tasks, etc. from IPD or BBB (BlackBerry backup) files to any format you wish (PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, HLP, TXT, DOC, MDB, XLS, CSV, etc.) easily and quickly.

ABC Amber BlackBerry Converter is now available from ElcomSoft, under the new name: Elcomsoft Blackberry Backup Explorer. Many new features are on the way!

Analyze BlackBerry backups with ease. Elcomsoft Blackberry Backup Explorer grants forensic access to information stored in backups produced with PC and Mac versions of BlackBerry Desktop Software. Review call logs, get access to email, SMS and MMS messages, and view organizer information stored in BlackBerry devices.

With BlackBerry platform occupying the number one spot in the North American market of business smartphones, Blackberry Backup Explorer is an invaluable tool for forensic specialists, government officials and criminal investigators. A basic, feature-limited Standard edition is being offered as an affordable alternative to commercial customers with a free demo version.

Elcomsoft Blackberry Backup Explorer works with unencrypted and password-protected backups, provided that you know the original plain-text password or recover one with Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker. Considering the tight security measures of the BlackBerry platform, producing and analyzing offline backups with Blackberry Backup Explorer is the only viable option of getting access to user data stored in BlackBerry smartphones. Having access to information stored in BlackBerry devices in a timely manner can be essential for carrying out investigations.





What our customers are saying:


"BTW this is a great tool and I've already recommended it to my colleagues."

"Thank you so much, you've created an amazing product."

"Your product is so convenient and timesaving."

"Your program is awesome. I have so many SMS on my BB and had no way of saving them until now.."

"I just wanted to mention that your program is excellent! Thanks and keep up the great job!"

"We just bought and used your software this past week on a case we were working. The software was great and really saved us a lot of time."

"This program is excellent."

"Your program has saved me literally hours of painstaking typing!"

"My company recently purchased your software, and by the way, we are VERY impressed with the software. We used it once in a disaster recovery effort, and it was great."

"I am SO glad I found your product."

"Great tool for restoring device backup data! Thank you!"

"You did a wonderful job on your application! Everything I tried worked perfectly. I'm positive that many companies will want to buy your app once they know about it. Great work!"

"It worked like a dream! Thank you for such a great tool."

"Thanks so much! Get all the data pulled that I needed!!!"

"The program is pretty slick."

"This really is a terrific product. Saved 500 potentially lost emails."


"Your product is a certified lifesaver. You deserve a nobel prize for this!"

"Great product. I will be sure to mention your products to my industry peers."

"Thank you! My boss was going catatonic wondering why I couldn't get the info he needs off his BB."

"What a great program! Thank you."

"My compliments, it is a spectacular program."

"Have told many others of your program... plus my cellular provider Telus."

"The product looks great in the minute that I checked it out."

"This is certainly a fantastic tool."

"It's a wonderful piece of software for viewing my BB files."

"Many thanks for sending the Blackberry software - it works perfectly and has saved me loads of time. A great buy."

"I'm excited to use this product. Finally... a way to extract my data easily from my Crackberry."

"You guys have a "killer app" here - can't say enough good things to everyone who owns a blackberry about it. Thanks again."


"Much appreciated. Great tool for archiving PIN messages from the Blackberry, as the Blackberry tends to get full, and PIN messages can be of a sensitive nature."

"Your program ROCKS! It's just what I needed to for tracking sales calls & taking notes for later analysis. Thanks again."


"Your product has been very useful for us in allowing us to analyse BB ipd files and extract information for investigators within our police agency. It is perhaps the best product that many LE agents recommend for blackberry."


"I love the program! It allows me to logically save my Blackberry transactions, INCLUDING telephone calls etc, whereas the blackberry software will not allow me to save any of the logs outside the blackberry in any format so I can document my calls, e-mails etc for my work (I manage 11 different Condominium Associations and documentation by Association is critical for being organized)."


"First of all, allow me to express my satisfaction with it - it is truly an amazing program. It is awesome to be able to read what was going on 6 months ago. It is also extremely useful to me at this time since I am in the midst of a lawsuit and need to access some of that history."


"We had a huge problem last night that resulted in lost emails from the past 4 days. This software has been a LIFESAVER after RIM told us it was impossible to restore emails from handheld to outlook. So I want to thank you big time."




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